"Forgive Me"


Aespa "Welcome To My World"

Our concept

BEAT DROP is the project of the professional drummers Matt Zentrich (Hamburg/Germany) and Jusso Whistler (Amsterdam/ Netherlands). 

Our „ 2 Drummers K-Pop Concept“ is based on the idea that we’re adopting the exact same parts programmed in the songs and combine them with the energy and the sound of live drums. 

We carefully arrange every single song according to the individual rhythmic structure and make sure that both drummers play equal parts (acoustic and electronic) in the respective track and then add the „extra punch“ of power and creativity to give a song maximum expressiveness. 

In our concept drums are the only live element (besides vocals), so shows can sound exactly the same every night. 

Since our drumsets are very extensive they can also serve as an additional projection surface for visual effects.




University of Jazz and Pop Stuttgart, Germany

Private Studies with: Bodo Schopf, Andi Witte, Walfredo Reys Jr.

Matt has worked / played with


The Lion King

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Robbie Williams Tribute Show

U2 Tribute Show

Eric Burdon


Rain for a Day


and others...


Drummer's Collective New York, USA

Private Studies with: Jim Chapin,

René Creemers and Kim Plainfield

Jusso has worked / played with

Tony Levin

Sue Chaloner

Jasper van t'Hof

Frozen Sun

End of April

Dana Fuchs

Whistler Courbois Whistler

Tears of the Wolf

and others...


We are currently working on the realization of a live show. 

First concerts are planned for spring / summer 2024. Stay tuned for further details.

Video Credits

Deviation Dance Crew ( @deviationdc )

Violet Kramm

Vishana Odhiambo

Yara Finnberg

 Joyce Berke 

Yen Vi Phan Ngoc 

Len Kayser 

Director of Photography

Jan Karl  ( @Authentik Film )


Jan Karl "Girls" and "Welcome to My World"

Sandra Sodemann "Forgive me"

Lighting/ Gaffer

Tim Hertel ( @Hertel Events ) 

Recording Manager

Jenny Viola Offen 


Best Boys/ Drivers

Frank Lückenbach, Roland Hoekzma, Christian Beyer 


Drum Recording

Philipp Salm  at „48 Volt Studio"


Philipp Salm / Matt Zentrich 


Philipp Salm  at  „48 Volt“ 

Recording Assistant / Drum Tech

Felix Wolf


Videos directed by  Matt Zentrich 


Making these videos was a beautiful experience and a lot of work and it would not have been possible without the help and great support of these wonderful people.


Roland, Anina and Jutta


Lutz,Katja and Marik


Dirk and family


Dr.P. Joos


Dirk R. 

BEAT DROP would like to thank  Deviation Dance Crew ( „AEnergy“:-) 

Special thanks to Matt’s Brother Gregor for „moral support“ and more !

and everybody in the „K-Pop Team“ :

Jan Karl





Frank, Roland, Christian 



Very special Thanks to Hyo Gyeong aka Helen and Antonia for Korean translation


… 2024  the year of the blue dragon has arrived … 


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